2024 Strategic Study

Utility Scale PV Market Brazil

The GC 2024 Study presents analyses of the Brazilian market for large-scale PV plants in both the free and regulated contracting environments. In 8 chapters, the study provides investment references for current and future projects according to the sector’s dynamics.

Among other contents, the study includes Greener’s projection for GC plants, mapping of PPA contracts, market share of manufacturers and EPC contractors, a ranking of project owners, as well as a case studies on financial modeling in the Free Energy Market.

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2024 CG Large Solar Power Plants
Strategic Study

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Utility Scale PV

Market Brazil

Free and Regulated Market

5.5 GWp of contracts closed by module manufacturers.
From Mar/2023 to Feb/2024, this volume is 24% lower than that mapped by Greener in the previous year. This is expected to result in a smaller pipeline of plants implemented throughout 2025 and 2026.
14.6 GWp is the volume of solar PPAs mapped by Greener until Feb/2024.
Of these, 2.4 GWp occurred in 2023, representing 581 MWm of energy traded in the free market, a volume equivalent to that mapped in 2022.
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58 GW of new solar projects awarded between Mar/2023 and Feb/2024.
Reaching a total of 144 GW. Of this total, 7.1 GW are under construction and 12 GW are in operation.
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1.7 GWp of modules arrived in Brazil.
To meet the GC market demand in the first quarter of 2024.
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Granted Projects (GW)

144 GW of granted capacity by Feb/2024 in both the free and regulated markets.

Out of the 144 GW of granted capacity, 125 GW are from projects with construction not yet started. As for the other 19 GW of operational and under-construction plants, this value is 53% higher than that mapped in the same period of the previous year (12.4 GW). With the reduction in solar energy auctions in the regulated market, the free environment has become the main driver of investments in Centralized Generation (CG) plants.

Discover which regions are covered by the 144 GW granted and which are the largest operational and under-construction complexes.

Greener projection for CG.

Solar Ventures

Greener’s projection of plants to start operations, among other assumptions, involves market mapping conducted with various players in the sector, thus allowing the classification of project maturity and adequate time for commercial operation.

Discover Greener’s outlook for the coming years of CG projects.

Market Share: PV Modules

Contracted Volume (MWp)

Greener has already mapped 24.6 GWp of PV module contracts. Market mapping is also conducted with inverter manufacturers, tracker companies, and EPC firms that provide services and supply equipment for CG.

Discover which companies make up each Market Share and the contracted volumes of each brand for these large ventures.

Learn more about the 2024 CG Strategic Study:

  • Status and profile of the plants
  • Capacity factor of solar parks
  • Grid connection
  • Greener’s projection of commercial operation
  • Market share of sector companies
  • Ranking of Project Owners
  • Volume of imported modules
  • Plants from energy auctions
  • Mapping of PPAs and GC transactions
  • Case study with investment analysis
  • Greener insights into the GC market

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