Utility Scale PV Market 2020 Brazil – Full Study


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Greener’s annual Utility Scale strategic report provides analysis and a detailed mapping of brazilian large solar plants both in the free and regulated markets. The report also contains a case study of a solar plant, analyzing the main drivers, as well as its risks and ROI in different scenarios considering a mix of free and regulated markets.

Greener’s annual Utility Scale strategic report contains:


Overview of Brazilian PV Projects

•Energy Generation

•Development Status

•Power Capacity

ANEEL Auctions

•Timeline of auctions

•Summary of results

•Projects Status

•Grid connection

•X-ray of 2019 winners

•Capacity factor


•Project Funding Structure

•PV Modules: technologies, suppliers

•Inverters: technologies, suppliers

•Trackers: technologies, suppliers

•EPC: suppliers, lean x full

Free Market

•Status of Projects

•Grid connection

•Energy Consumer profiles

•PPA duration

•Article: Impact of hourly pricing on CG

Hypotetical Case Study for three scenarios


•Relevant Variables


•Sensitivity analysis for each scenario

•Statistical risk analysis for each scenario



Appendix: Stages of a plant development

Greener Utility Scale Strategic Report 2020 – full version, belongs to Greener and its licensees. it is expressly prohibited to distribute or allow the distribution of the report, any information or data to anyone, except when permitted in accordance to the Terms and Conditions established.


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